Donation of Securities

Thank you for considering a gift of securities to TPM!
Making a gift of publicly listed securities is a simple, easy process and a wonderful way to support TPM.
When an investment of stocks, bonds or mutual funds is converted into cash, the realized capital gain is taxable. In May 2006, the Federal government eliminated the capital gains tax on gifts of securities to registered charitable organizations. You can decrease the financial impact that selling your investments will  have on you personally, by donating your publicly listed security directly to a charitable organization.
Please contact (or have your broker contact) Lada Darewych, Associate Producer – Growth & Development at 416-504-8988 (ext. 2133) to make the arrangements and ensure all necessary paperwork is provided.
All donated securities are sold upon receipt. The value of your tax receipt will be determined by the closing price on the day that TPM receives the shares into our brokerage account, and as per applicable Canada Revenue Agency guidelines.

Alternately, you may make a gift of securities through by clicking on the button below:

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