Dancing With Rage

Co-Produced by Theatre Passe Muraille and the RCA Theatre Company
Written and performed by Mary Walsh
Directed by Karen Carpenter
Generously Sponsored by Jeff and Rita Rayman and Heenan Blaikie


Unfortunately, there are currently no tickets available for Mary Walsh’s Dancing with Rage.
Mary is currently recovering from a severe respiratory infection, necessitating the cancellation of several performances.
If you would like to be notified when tickets become available, please email info@passemuraille.on.ca.
You will be then be notified by email 24 hours before tickets go on sale again to the general public.

About the Show

Mary Walsh unleashes her rage to do battle on a grand scale. A woman who starts to go blind, finally starts to see. A mother who travels across the country to find her lost child, rediscovers the child she has always had. A little girl who is always searching for her place in the world, finds that she’s already there. Dancing with Rage follows all their stories while  summoning the help of some familiar faces- Marg Delahuntey, a Warrior Princess, Dakey Dunn, Miss Eulalia Turpin, Mom Reardon, Connie Bloor and many more, new and constantly emerging characters. Mary will navigate the rage brought on by pop culture, politics and capitalism.  By incorporating current events into every show, Dancing with Rage will be fresh, exciting and always up to the minute. See this show and more! Buy your Punch Passe now Single tickets available here


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