The Four Corners

Lisa Marie DiLiberto and Charles Ketchabaw.  Photo by:  Thomas Franks

The Four Corners
Developed and produced by Theatre Passe Muraille
Creation and sound production by FIXT POINT

The intersection of Queen and Bathurst is one of the most divergent in the city of Toronto. The four cornerstones of this intersection are The Meeting Place, Starbucks, Pizza Pizza and CB2 (an urban concept Crate and Barrel) which has opened in the former home of the Big Bop. This four-part radio docudrama examines the culture and history of this unique area and unearths the stories found within. This project was developed by Lisa Marie DiLiberto and Charles Ketchabaw of FIXT POINT Theatre.

Based on neighbourhood interviews, The Four Corners was recorded live at the intersection of Queen and Bathurst in Toronto with award winning actors alongside cameos from the community.  Three separate performances featuring all 4 corners were recorded in front of live, sold out audiences on September 29th, 2012.  The audience was divided into groups and were led out to the streets by their guides, who recounted the history of the four corners, from architecture patterns, to settlement in the area, to what lived within the walls of the buildings still standing.  On each corner, the guides and their groups were met by likely activity.  A program worker, a starbucks barrista, an experiential advertiser and a pair of street buskers intersected the audience and added their voices to the mix, shedding light on the diverse socio-economic class structure that exists on this crossroads of Toronto.

This entire experience was recorded live by a team of sound engineers through locative booms, lavaliere microphones and binaural recorders. For a full list of The Four Corners cast & creative team, click here.

If you missed the live event on Sept. 29th, you can still experience it as if you were with us on the corners…. 


If you’d like to take the tour, visit Theatre Passe Muraille’s Box office and ask for a FOUR CORNERS playback device and postcard.


Click on the “Download” link on the right side of the soundcloud player, below.  Then load the track onto your personal mp3 player, print off the listening instructions found here,  and head to Theatre Passe Muraille’s Box office at 16 Ryerson Ave to start your Four Corners tour.  


For more information about FIXT POINT Theatre and The Four Corners, please visit:

You can also follow their progress on Soundcloud and on the TPM Blog.


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