The 501 – Toronto In Transit

L-R: Bob Nasmith, Justin Many Fingers and Donna-Michelle St. Bernard. Photo by: Amanda Lynne Ballard.


The 501: Toronto in Transit

A Theatre Passe Muraille Production
Created and performed by Justin Many Fingers
Bob Nasmith and Donna-Michelle St. Bernard


November 29th – December 8th, 2012
- Theatre Passe Muraille Backspace


Examining the culture of the city’s transit system and commuters, Donna-Michelle St. Bernard, Justin Many Fingers, and Bob Nasmith will ride the 501 streetcar in the fall of 2012, and capture the diversity and liveliness of one of the world’s longest streetcar lines through conversations with riders and drivers. The stories will be shared right there on the Streetcar with an unsuspecting commuter audience and the again in a full production in the TPM Backspace.


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You can also follow The 501 – Toronto in Transit on YouTube or on the TPM Blog.

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