APRIL 2 – 13                                                                        TPM MAINSPACE


Photo of Amitai Marmorstein and Celine Stubel
Photography by Barbara Pedrick
Illustration by Avril Biggin




Atomic Vaudeville’s


A Comedy by Jacob Richmond


 …warm, funny and unexpectedly poignant… Kudos to playwright/director Jacob Richmond for a story that is powerfully witty, moving and wise.” - Toronto Star


About The Show

Legoland is the first in a trilogy of theme park inspired dark comedies by Jacob Richmond, and is the prequel to the smash hit Ride The Cyclone. Penny and Ezra, the infamous Lamb siblings, extradited to Canada after a brutal attack on one of America’s most beloved pop stars, give a presentation of their harrowing journey to their social worker, and you the audience. It’s the official story straight from the “Gruesome Twosome,” Canada’s youngest drug cartel. In Atomic Vaudeville’s famed contemporary vaudeville style, the story is told using ukulele, puppets, multi-media and gangster rap, it’s manic fun, wickedly performed...” - NOW Magazine.



Designed by Janis Ward

Lighting Design by Alyksandra Ackerman

Sound design by Jacob Richmond

and Britt Small

Stage Managed by Dini Conte


Watch below as Xtra talks with the director and actors in the play Ride The…read more