Fare Game: Life in Toronto’s Taxis

L-R: Khalil Talke, Alex Williams, Ruth Madoc-Jones and Marjorie Chan. Photo by Amanda Lynne Ballard.


Fare Game: Life in Toronto’s Taxis

A Theatre Passe Muraille Production
Created and performed by Ruth Madoc-Jones, Marjorie Chan
and Alex Williams- The Toronto Taxi Collective


November 16 – December 8, 2012 – Theatre Passe Muraille Mainspace


The taxi industry is on the verge of great change; working conditions are not improving and there is much unrest. This multi-media play goes on a journey with Toronto’s taxi drivers and exposes the struggles they face. Creators and performers Ruth Madoc-Jones, Marjorie Chan, and Alex Williams present the human face of this often overlooked industry.


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You can also follow their creative process and learn more about the project on Twitter or the TPM blog.


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