Just as we are sending our artists out into the city beyond our walls, we are also inviting new artists to join us inside them. Bring the Buzz: Inside TPM is an opportunity to expand upon TPM’s vision of audience dramaturgy that is the lynchpin of the Buzz Festival. This project provides meaningful and tangible support to the artistic community by providing theatre space to emerging and independent artists to develop their art through the engagement of TPM’s core audience.



A piece-in-development
Created and Performed by Julie Tepperman & Shira Leuchter

In the TPM Backspace
Public Presentations:  Oct 4-6, Oct 11-13, @ 7:30 p.m.
All tickets are Pay-What-You-Can at the door.

Uninvited explores our two-year (and counting) journey investigating the ugly, overwhelming and pervasive culture of rape, sexual violence, and gender politics. Pretty intense, right? Through ongoing interviews, chance encounters, informal chats, and Facebook conversations with friends and strangers, we’ve been exploring how this shared culture affects all of us, women and men, on a daily basis – from what we wear, to how we behave, and even how we think about ourselves. Please help us as we attempt to create a piece of theatre and explore ways to make meaningful connections around this deeply complicated reality.

We invite you to see some excerpts-in-development, give your feedback, and take part in discussions and activities as a way of helping us continue to shape our piece. Dates and times are subject to change – please check TPM’s website for week-of updates.


L-R: Shira Leuchter, Julie Tepperman.


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