Often when I’m recommending wonderful not-to-be-missed theatre to my friends and family, I’ll get a response that drives me a little bit batty: “I’ll catch it next time — when it comes back”.

I understand where this mentality comes from — because of the size, scope and corresponding marketing dollars of the larger commercial productions, several things do “come back,” thus easing the collective conscious of those who couldn’t experience it the first time around. But most productions in this great city of ours don’t actually “come back”.  This is the thing I love most about theatre — it is live and of a specific time and place, and that particular live experience can’t be replicated.  If you miss it, you’ve missed it.  Period.

Well, this fall season, in addition to the many productions that TPM has offered which can only be experienced during their limited runs (including Fare Game: Life in Toronto’s Taxis and The 501: Toronto in Transit — which are both closing this upcoming weekend), Andy McKim has also programmed two separate pieces which can be experienced beyond their original run/incarnation.

The Four Corners is a four-part radio docudrama which examines the culture and history of Queen & Bathurst and unearths the stories found within.  On September 29th, three separate live performances were recorded on the four corners of Queen & Bathurst and masterfully mixed by the creators from FIXT POINT, Charles Ketchabaw & Lisa DiLiberto.   The result is an MP3 radio drama that lives beyond its original performance and wonderfully replicates both the audio and the feeling of being at those live performances.

To experience The Four Corners, come down to TPM and borrow a pre-loaded MP3 player from our box office (or follow the downloadable instructions here) and take a walk to the 4 corners of Queen & Bathurst.

And, in the next few week’s we’ll also be releasing the MP3 file from another of our site specific productions from this Theatre Beyond Walls fall season – The Queen West Project –  which paired audience members one-on-one with a dancer (listening to the same audio track) during a walk through the CAMH grounds (warning:  dancer not included!).  Stay tuned.

Complimentary, site-specific audio docudrama, to be experienced at your own time.  Free theatre for whenever you’re free.  Don’t miss it.