Jordan Tannahill recently completed his run in our “Bring the Buzz” Festival with a production of his play Concord Floral. He also just opened up a new performance and creation space in Kensington Market. This week he wrote a  blog on the Praxis site about his reasons for doing this. Take a look at this excerpt and then follow the link to the rest of the article.

Andy McKim


A Crisis of Space: Why I Started Videofag

by Jordan Tannahill

Last month my boyfriend William and I signed a one year lease on an old barbershop in Kensington Market, spent three weeks in our long johns scrubbing the walls and floors of hair, painting it, installing lights, and launched a storefront performance space called Videofag. It is our home and the first one we have shared together. But it also one we want to share with Toronto’s cultural community because we believe we can offer something vital to our peers – space. From Le Chat Noir and Gertrude Stein’s rue de Fleurus salons in Paris, to Warhol’s Factory and the Chealsea Hotel in New York City, to VideoCaberet, A Space Gallery, and Rochdale College in Toronto, space for experimentation and discourse has been critical to the development and evolution of artistic peer groups and cultural movements for generations.

I believe Toronto theatre has suffered from a deficit of truly independent, radical space over the past decade. While many young theatre artists, including myself, have benefitted greatly from development programs run by established theatres we are in danger of becoming…  (follow this link to read the rest.)