The Love Lettering Project is a community arts project bringing love letters to strangers. A perfect companion to This Must Be The Place: The CN Tower Show, a love letter to Toronto—on stage.

The Love Lettering Project focuses on the joy and goodness of the world we live in, without requiring anything back from the recipient. It gets people talking about their city and the stories of their days.  In this, The Love Lettering Project is participatory and has the ability to transform a familiar landscape too easy to take for granted. For eight years, writer and artist Lindsay Zier-Vogel has been writing love poems for The Love Lettering Project, turning them into one-of-a-kind paper and thread collages, slipping them into airmail envelopes marked “love,” and distributing them anonymously — tucking them in bicycle spokes, bushes and letter boxes, leaving them on doorsteps, window ledges and café tables, hiding them in the pages of books in libraries around the city to be discovered later by strangers.

Now it’s your chance to join in on the love lettering! Lindsay will be set up on Saturday night as of 6:30pm in our Front Lobby. You can write a love note to something you love about the city, slip it into an airmail envelope, then leave it for a stranger to stumble upon! Come on out to TPM on Saturday night to share your love of the city with a stranger, and share even more with This Must Be The Place: The CN Tower Show.

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