I need to confess that I do not much like tagging. I think it is a form of bullying or visual appropriation, but I do love Toronto’s graffiti art. It is surely one of the things that distinguish us as a city. In particular I love the fact that our Passe Muraille neighbourhood has a treasure trove of quality graffiti art in all of our alleyways. Each year there is a time set aside to renew these walls with new works. And famously Rick Mercer uses these alleys for his weekly TV show Rant.

This weekend there was a picture and article in the Star about Rob Ford removing graffiti as part of his Earth Day clean-up in Toronto. I found that an interesting choice. To remove graffitti from walls in lieu of picking up the garbage that litters our city.  Why has the Mayor such a passion for removing graffiti? I don’t know, but I do know that it has encouraged a lot of artists to step up their commitment to graffitti art in the city. One such artist is Deadboy, whose stencils of Rob Ford you’ve probably seen before.

What follows is the first in several films about graffiti artists in Toronto and this one features Deadboy.

Andy McKim


Graffiti Talks Webisode 1 – Deadboy from betweenthelinesdoc on Vimeo.

Web series is produced by Kelli Kieley and James Gen Meers in association with Torontoist.ca. Between the Lines is a documentary about Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s war on graffiti and its impact on the City, artists and citizens. You can check out their website or Facebook site for more info.

“Graffiti Talks” is presented in conjunction with a documentary that is currently in production. This web series will differ in style and story-line, but presents a great opportunity to share some footage and raise awareness about the film project, as well as to showcase the scene in Toronto.

Episode 1 of Graffiti Talks premiered on Torontoist.ca on March 5/12. The web series is presented by Between The Lines, a documentary about the fall out from the War on Graffiti declared by Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. Featuring well-known Toronto graf writers and a host of amazing Toronto based music, the film and web series celebrates Toronto culture.