We are looking forward to fun and music this week.

Mary Walsh has recently updated Theatre Passe Muraille with the news that she will be unable to perform her run of Dancing With Rage. In lieu of a production of Dancing With Rage, we are currently engaged in a fundraising campaign: Dancing Without Mary. This campaign is an effort to recoup some of the lost $60,000 that TPM incurs as a result of this full cancellation. TPM has also launched a programming series under the same title- Dancing Without Mary. These presentations by some of TPM’s theatre friends will compliment the fund-raising campaign. The first of which, was a play reading of Linda Griffiths’ celebrated national hit Maggie and Pierre on Friday March 16. The second was a play reading of Michael Healey’sProud.  Both of which were a wonderful success and had full housesTPM is looking forward to the next two additions to the Dancing Without Mary fund-raising programming.


On Thursday March 22nd, at 8:00pm, the Songbook Series celebrates the work of a single artist, group, era or style that has had a significant impact on our collective musical history, using a variety of musicians from all disciplines to re-imagine that music in their own way. Through the lens of the diversity of musicians and music that is present in our city, Toronto will get to hear the Beach Boys in a way they never have before.


It features a variety of Torontonian musicians, including: Susan Cuthbert (with Chase McMurren), Martin Julien, David Fox, Daniel Krolik, Hilary Thomson, Megan Liley, and Matthew Hendrickson, Pat Power and Elke Schroeder, Scadding Court Community Performance Group, Shaina Silver-Baird, Tom Mifflin, Andrew Aquino and Tori Anderson, Anna Sudac, Sophia Walker & Suzanne Roberts Smith (Oreo & J Ro Ro), Megan Poole, Tess Barao, Michael Moss and Bram Cayne, Wendy Fox and Matt Pilipiak, Richie Wilcox and Aaron Collier, Darren Eedens and friends… and of course, The Family Band (Eric Chisholm, Chelsea P. Manders, Kristin Rodgerson, and Rob Kempson)







On Saturday March 24 at 2:00pm, Brick Bros. Circus is guaranteed to stimulate the imagination and spark participation in true circus style.  It is a complete miniature one-ring circus performed by highly trained building bricks.  Yes, common building bricks in little bitty sequined costumes, flying through the air in incredible acts of daring-do!  See bricks do tricks in one of the silliest shows on earth!  See Brikko the Clown, Madame Briaskova on the high trapeze, the terrifying Wild Brick and many more. We have one more surprise event for you on March 26, keep checking the website for details!


I encourage you to keep checking back with the TPM website for updates on Mary’s health, a place to send Mary a message and new programming developments for Dancing Without Mary.

Andy McKim