Flying into Pearson from Diefenbaker. You notice things. Toronto has a lake. Saskatoon has a river.

Love Letters To Toronto

I combed my hair for you
I changed my life for you
I want to love you so badly

Above are three things actors said in rehearsal.

I am watching five actors engage with the idea of Toronto. It’s early days. On the seventh day we kept working. We looked at a photograph of working men at the end of a steel girder high up above the railway grounds of former Toronto. The CN Tower being built. Someone asked, “What was the name of the helicopter that dropped in the last piece of steel?”

We used the magic of the internet to watch a short video on Mohawk skywalkers. The men who had the courage and grace to walk narrow beams high above the earth. The aboriginals who built the skyscrapers of New York. We looked at a famous picture of lunching workers on an impossibly high beam. Greg Gale pointed out the Newfoundlanders in the photograph.

We imagined Theatre Passe Muraille’s tall ceiling. The one with the steel cross beams. What if gods dwelled up there and observed the mortals struggling below? What if everybody played a god and then intervened in the earthlings’ goings and comings below?

On the end of the seventh day we rested, had a company “social.”

I rose late and typed into google search “name of helicopter that built the CN Tower.” Up came a short video entitled Building the CN Tower posted on U-Tube by Shinjukuback. A massive monster with insect wings descends from above. It looks like an unfriendly early human with long arms – a steel head – and delicate wings. The camera caresses the length and vast power of the communications tower that apparently was obsolete by the time it was finished.

posted by Layne Coleman