Hello Friends!

I come to you with the first instalment of our  new weekly feature: Throwback Thursdays!

In this feature we’ll be mining our 40 plus years of history and posting some of the pictures we find. Take a walk down memory lane with us and check out the Good, the Bad and the Awesome 80′s hair cuts.  And we’re not just showing off! Some weeks will feature a contest. Name the actors or the show title and you could win tickets to an upcoming production here at present day TPM.

Ready to Throwback? If you can name 2 of the actors featured in these shots, OR the name of the production, you could win a pair of tickets to see Erin Fleck in Those Who Can’t Do… Leave your answer and your email address in the comment section below.*



Need a hint? It is the first one after all. These shots were taken in 1996, which if you can believe it, was 15 years ago.



*Entrants with the correct answer entered into a  random draw. The winner will be contacted via email